Warm Weather Orders

Shipping chocolate in warm weather is tricky–and pricey. If you want Truffle Shots® delivered when temperatures rise above 70 degrees, please call 860.581.8351.

In general, warm weather shipping is limited to addresses within one day FedEx or FedEx Ground of Essex, Connecticut. The cost for shipping within this area is $12.95 + $10.00 for insulated packaging. 

We also ship to addresses within one day Express Mail via the United States Post Office for $39.95 + $10.00 for insulated packaging. 

And, of course, we are happy to look up overnight shipping rates for any address in the U.S. But brace yourself. We are a small company and do not yet meet minimum thresholds for the best discounts from shippers.

Unless other arrangements are made, Truffle Shots® are made and shipped on Thursday, with expected delivery on Friday. In some cases it makes more sense to ship to a recipient's business address. Business deliveries are made earlier in the day; spend less time in a hot truck; and will not be left on a sunny doorstep or driveway.

We do our best to ensure your order is packaged and received by the shipper in tip-top shape, but we cannot guarantee delivery. Please notify the recipient to watch for the package on the expected delivery day so it won't be left in the heat to melt.